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In a similar manner, patches 1. Speaking of which, those who only have Reign of Chaos installed on their Macs will only need to download and run the Reign of Chaos Patch. Those who also have the Frozen Throne expansion pack installed will only need the Frozen Throne patch. As usual, Blizzard asks gamers to note that, if their copy of Warcraft III is already patched to version 1. Thank you and keep up the good work on helping people.

Oh one question. Do you still play WC3? Sorry for the group of messages. I just got another question after a silly comment. Thank you for that info, I might proceed to adding you in a couple days when my other comp is fixed that has WC3 on it that works, then look at your clan and yeah. That's 'bout it.

Install Warcraft 3 Natively on Mac OS X - patch 1.27a

Thank you again. I have "The Frozen Throne". The overly composed graphic in the first scene is quite inadequate to the rest of the game. Oblivious failure, to my approval that is. Anyway, the World of Warcraft series is fun. Hey, I was just curious about whether you could help me out with the same type of torrent link for WoW4, with a key as well if that's not asking to much, the reason I ask for the torrent as well is because I would prefer to have a trustworthy torrent download.

I really do love this game and I'd like to finally get to play it. What do you mean by WoW4? World of Warcraft? Call it its proper name, Cataclysm then. Warcraft 4 doesn't exist yet. And where would I get a key from? Get your cheap ass off my website. If you love a game, you buy it.

You can create your battle. I logged in to blizzard and entered the CD keys but an error pops up and say that it has been redeemed. But i dont remember me registering it before. What should i do? Is there any other ways to go about installing the game? Yes, that article is about a different error message than what you are receiving, but the replacement method is the same for every error. But that would not invalidate your old cd key and you still won't be able to register it with your battle. Which is bad. So, if you request your current cd key to be invalidated instead, you would not get a new CD, but you could download the full installer legally from your battle.

Or just torrent it. Edited by 3ICE: They just removed that article and replaced it with with a generic "contact us for help" one. I have archived the old instructions here, in case you want to follow them instead:. Mailing Information: - We suggest you use some form of tracking to make sure your mail gets to Blizzard Entertainment. If we do not receive your package we can not send the replacement. That form was removed as well. I found a copy here. Once we receive your package, we will disable the existing CD-Key and assign you a new one and return it to you by mail.

In this instance, the existing key will not be disabled. Box Irvine, CA Patch it first. Can I use the Warcraft frozen throne cd key for regular warcraft three?

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I lost my regular warcraft cd key. IIIThe Frozen. So I bought reign of chaos and frozen throne a while ago but I had to get new computer and misplaced frozen throne but I still have the cd key for it, I very much enjoyed playing that one the most cuz u can use burrow for crypts. Is there any way to download it free online if I I have the cd key that shows I owned it? Hey when i type the CDkey in for Warcraft 3 it says "The game key you entered cannot be claimed. Please check the key and try again. If that was true, I'd be really disappointed in Blizzard.

CD keys have never been required to be typed in upper case before. I have both authentic cd-keys to both roc and tft. Is there any way to make bnet work for us-west? Oh btw. US East has been down for days for me.

Blizzard Entertainment:Warcraft III

Now it's west that's down. What is Blizzard doing? Hi I'm looking to torrent WC3 and its expansion pack, do cracks work to be able to access Battle. How do I acquire an "authentic" code for the game?

Have the master codes for the game been released yet? Thanks for your help 3ICE. Use emulated Battle. Worked for me. I own a legal copy too of course. You saved my life. If I wouldn't have stayed home to follow your instructions I would have got on that boat that crashed. Edited by 3ICE: I converted your comment to lowercase and fixed 6 spelling mistakes. Hi 3ICE, sorry to sound stupid, but I'm a bit confused. You keep referring to manually patching the game.

I have downloaded the patch from the link you provided, thanks for that, by the way but am confused as to what I do with the file after that. Thanks for your help. So i have the cd's for warcraft 3 but whenever i try and download them even with you step process it keeps telling me that pc games are not supported … i can't seem to install the game.

Please help! You don't need to register, just log in to a shared account. Username: BugMeNot Password: bmn. I don't really know what to think about. Few days ago I found -website- com site when you can buy cd-keys.

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  6. However is it really legal? It's probably legit , yeah. As in: You'll get a cd key for your money and it even has a good chance to work. As for legal? Hell no. Cd keys are usually not "used game sales", they are more likely "stolen game sales". I have thousands of useless CD keys too. But it's too much trouble for too little gain.

    And if I was caught, the fine is much higher then the possible profit. You're so cool! I do not think I have read through a single thing like that before. So nice to discover someone with some original thoughts on this topic. This web site is one thing that is required on the web, someone with a bit of originality! The installer worked ok but now it's asking me to insert the CD when I try and start the game.

    I know this is probably really simply but I'm failing. Yes, a simple thing indeed. From your ID card, as hopefully you are the owner of the CD. It's rare to meet a person who doesn't know their own name…. But you can type anything in there. Or if it's a stolen cd key, sometimes "3ice. I've installed RoC through the Blizzard website and was wondering if it is possible and how to play downloaded maps? I have the file downloaded and ready to rock, but the folder for maps seems to not exist. Any help you can give is greatly appreciated! Let me guess; You are on Windows Vista, correct?

    If yes; Your maps are hidden by your crappy operating system. I'm only using laptop ACER old model AMD sempron and it was too slow, do you think after i finished this long waiting it will still run? As I said to many people before you: patch to the latest version before trying to play the game. There is even a link, check step 10 of the guide.

    I wonder if that would be a problem when im patching, cuz IDK how im supposed to specify which torrent to patch I've downloaded 3 diff torrents cuz im not sure which one will work fine. I have read this whole blog regarding downloading dota and have concluded that i need to patch it now.

    Software Specifications

    Please guide me if im doing something wrong or uneccesary and what should I do to correct my mistakes. Hi, the dota torrents are different and my blog post doesn't cover them because I don't like them. Before I started paying for my video games, I've always preferred getting the most popular torrent for just the base game itself, and then getting the latest version of any mods separately from the original source. The version of dota you torrented is likely very old. As are the patches that came with it. There is a readme file included that explains everything. Most likely you'll need to install the game, then run the patch.

    And join the private server s listed in the readme, of course. Torrents come with either a list of cd keys or a keygen, so look for your roc and tft keys in the readme file. No, D-Tools should work out of the box just fine. I've downloaded the Mac torrent 3 on my macbook pro. I double click Frozen throne but the computer is unresponsive to it.

    Is this occurring because there is no Reign of Chaos in the warcraft 3 folder? Should have gotten the torrent that has both wc3 roc and wc3 tft in it. Not sure why it isn't the first result on Google anymore. It was when I wrote this blog post, 4 years ago. Just one last question. As of right now it says "invalid CD key" when I try to enter battle net. There are also private servers for this very reason. Online play without owning a legal cd key is possible there.

    I do have a CD key. In fact I have a purchased battle chest that I have been using the past 2 years. Also: Why did you even torrent it if you own a legal copy? Look at the article above, it explains in about a dozen steps how to register your cd key with blizzard and grab a copy of your game for free directly from blizzard. I'm afraid that's not going to be enough. You need a roc and a tft key. The two keys work together. So TFT alone is not enough.

    You need roc as well. Indeed this situation is rather inconvenient. I'm writing my dissertation of 12, words and I'm nearly finished, but when I'm editting it it has the problem of line 2 column 0. My dissertation has many equations so I think the problem is because of them. My deadline is a few days later and pleaseeee pleaseeee help meeee.

    I'm willing to send you some cash if u can help me :. Pleaseeeeee help me I'm dyinggggg :. Pleaseeee helppp. Are you lost? How is a word corruption problem related to a blog post about legally downloading a strategy video game? Edit: Never mind, I see you tried to contact me via wikipedia, email, and the official thread too. Furthermore, I find it funny how you are already writing a dissertation with grammar and immaturity level you demonstrated above.

    Update the Warcraft III expansion pack

    If you were serious about the money, send it to paypal 3ice. Hi I dont know how to delete my previous post so I add 1 more.

    How to Install & Play Warcraft 3 on Mac (macOS Sierra, OS X El Capitan, etc)

    I was able to recover my file thanks to your guideline. Thanks so muchh. Thank so muchhh. Yes, I decided to quickly fix it before going to work. It didn't go so quick so I had to bike double time to make it in before am. I have to work a summer job for my degree, this is going to be my last week.

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    EXecuse me but i have bought the game and after installing both reign of chaos and the frozrn throne and when opening the game it says please insert the disk and try again or something like taht please i need help. Well, did you insert the disc? I've got my disks and CD keys but I keep getting messages saying "microsoft windows applications are not support on os x" or "PowerPC applications are no longer supported".

    The error message says it right: PowerPC applications are no longer supported by apple. Put away your ancient disc and download the latest installer from battle. I just updated the step by step guide as Blizzard changed some menu item names again. I've tried finding some but they are usually virus infected. If you could help me out with that I would be very grateful! CD keys are a short string of letters and numbers.

    It is not at all likely that one could be infected with any kind of virus. Don't download files like keygen. Alright, Well I tried using one and it says it is disabled. How can one enter a new key in place of the other one? I never understood why people follow up a question with: "I found a better solution. Thanks though. I am done with installing the game,however, when i launch the game it says : Please make sure your Warcraft 3 disc is in your CD-ROM drive, then click on 'Retry'; which I already did.

    The disc is in the drive, but I can still not launch the game. Also i know nothing about computers lol i dont mean to come off as such an idiot but i dont. You have legal cd keys? Go ahead and download the legal installer from Blizzard's Battle. It comes with the latest patch and it doesn't ask for your cd anymore. The instructions are in the blog post above, the download will be 1. Hey, nostalgia has seen me back to Warcraft 3 and I knew your work from my past experiences with the game and its editor. As a fellow programmer, I think it would be fun to learn JASS and seeing as Warcraft 3's multiplayer is relatively vacant I would imagine you weren't receiving much assistance, if any.

    If anything pops up and you want to gather a small team let me know. Also, what's your ID on W3, email if it's private, don't if you hate me. Help came passively, in the form of archived threads on wc3c, thw, and other sites in Google's index. If I had a question that hasn't been asked before, I had to figure it out alone. I ceased work on all my projects for now. I have a lot of todo lists, one for each map, but no motiation to do them now for the dwindling playerbase that is left.

    Thank you : My domain name, 3ice. One of you connects to US East. The other connects to US West. Or any other setup. Why does this work? Because luckily, the same cd key can be used four times at once, on the four realms. Once on each realm. Then all you need to do is find a hostbot that hosts its games on both those realms and join the same game on your separate realms.

    My hostbots are on all 4 realms. Hey dude. Before I do all this, can you tell me if I need my cd? I can't use any of them because my pc doesn't have a driver. I need to know plz. Kostas: You don't need your CD. I was able to install and update Warcraft 3 without any problems. And I can play it still. Yes, Warcraft 3 installed on an SSD is lightning fast!

    Try and fail to add the keys to your Battle. They'll happily ban your current set of keys and give you a new pair or two, free of charge. You'll just need proof of purchase. I still have my receipt for this reason, after 10 years! The ink has all but faded though…. Edited by 3ICE: kb61, is it possible that you yourself claimed the keys already to a different battle.

    Reclaim those accounts then. Look through your email for "Battle. I have warcraft 3 cd key but i do not wish to play whit the cd, because i want the english version and not the french version i have. So i want to know if it possible to turn my french version to an english one. Back up all your replays, maps, and other files you have in your Warcraft folder that you want to keep. Likely will be French FR for you Pick any language you want. English is allowed for all variants, some other language changes are limited. Can't change it to Russian if your CD key is for a French version for example.

    But English will be there. In the past you had to do much more. Just wanted to say thanks for putting these instructions up here. It was nice to be able to download TFT directly from Blizzard instead of having to find a torrent especially with the whole 'rat bay' issue going on right now. This game is no exception; every version has been a simultaneous release with exact parity and compatibility with Windows.

    That and it's just a fun game which they continuously improve. My only gripe is that the sound engine does crash occasionaly but I've gotten my money's worth without a doubt. I can't understand why people are having all of these problems, and I was able to login to the Westfall beta server just fine. I'd suggest going to the battle. Plus there's a plethora of modified games available for play as well I sincerely hope that they continue adding new heros and items, and that one day the Merc camp slots are filled with new heros Extremely Satisfied.

    If you're having slowdown issues, I'd recommend shutting off anything like a konfabulator widget or extra apps I went to Wal-mart and picked up the game last night and installed it. I must say there are a ton of improvements and everything is running smoothly. Great job!! The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

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