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The coolest one is Calendar, showing you photo collections on an actual calendar. Plus, Mylio offers a free mobile app, so you can access your photo library wherever you are. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search. Best photo manager apps for Mac to tame your photo chaos. Darina Stavniychuk.

The Best Photo Management Solution: iCloud Photos — The Sweet Setup

Explaining complex stuff very simply. Passionate about writing. Best photo organizing software for Mac, as of Gemini 2: The duplicate photo finder. Did you enjoy this post? Subscribe Now. September 02, Updated: December 28, Unclutter your photo library on Mac.

Cloud storage, unlike online backup , is designed to extend the capacity of your hard drive by letting you store files remotely. We also considered security. Finally, because Mac fans are used to living uncomplicated technical lives unlike Linux users , we considered user experience.

Best photo organizing software for Mac, as of 2018

That means a well-designed interface and well-implemented features. In each case below, the downloaded client will integrate with Finder, in fact, letting you drag-and-drop files just as if you were using iCloud. Zero-knowledge encryption means private, end-to-end encryption: only you know the encryption key so only you can read your files. The protocol used by Sync. The private keys are encrypted using bit RSA, too, meaning nobody — NSA or otherwise — will be unscrambling those, either, without your password.

To help protect that password, Sync. With this security feature on, should someone steal or crack your user password, they would still have difficulty logging in as a third credential a code sent to your phone is required for logging in from an unfamiliar machine. Using Sync.

How to manage photos on your Mac — Apple Support

Installing the client creates a sync folder in the Finder sidebar where you can add and access files. Files can also be shared with others, and true to form, Sync. Aside from perhaps being the most secure cloud storage pick, maybe the second-best reason to go with Sync.

What about Dropbox?

You can download the client on as many machines as you want, making syncing files between multiple machines with different operating systems all very easy. You can check that out for yourself with a 5GB free version. Like Sync. However, unlike Sync.

Move your Photos library to an external storage device

You can share files via email or over a link. If you opt for the link, you can set a password and expiry date to limit the chance for unauthorized access. While Crypto costs extra, the cost of storage with pCloud is the same as Sync. One of the advantages of pCloud over Sync.

​What's the best cloud storage for you?

You can even stream music and video in the pCloud browser , making it one of our favorite cloud storage picks for media. Tresorit is a Switzerland-based cloud storage company that, like pCloud and Sync. Further, Tresorit has a great Mac app. This includes just GB of encrypted cloud storage. In addition to a sync folder, Tresorit also has a network drive feature. While you can turn sync off for folders in your sync folder, storing them only in the cloud, doing so means you can no longer see them in Finder: you have to login into your storage via your browser to access them.

With a network drive like Tresorit Drive , files are only stored in the cloud but you can still see and access them via Finder. That makes finding files later much more convenient than the traditional approach taken by most cloud storage solutions.

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That advantage comes from the fact that the SugarSync client lets you sync any folder in your Mac file system to the cloud rather than having to use a dedicated sync folder. Those folders will also become available on other devices connected to your cloud storage account. See our complete SugarSync review for more details on setting up sync folders.

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The service is owned by Los Angeles-based j2 Technologies, so your files are subject to U. Maybe a bigger issue with SugarSync is that its pricing is actually even less attractive than that of Tresorit. We suggest giving the day free trial a whirl before buying. In offering that feature, SugarSync is one of the few cloud services available today that offers both storage and backup capabilities. That said, we think there are better backup options out there for Mac users, namely Backblaze. Read our Backblaze review to find out why. Our final pick is arguably the most well-known cloud storage service available.

Despite its many integrated apps including hundreds of third-party tools , Google Drive remains intuitively simple, too, fitting the Mac lifestyle well despite the rivalry between iPhone and Android. The Google Drive Mac app lives in your Finder sidebar as a sync folder, just like the other picks on this list, allowing for easy access.

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Unfortunately, as we document in our Google Drive review , all that good is somewhat undone by a history of suspect privacy practices. Not only has the company been previously tied to the NSA such as with the PRISM surveillance program, Google retains the right to scan user data stored on its servers in order to feed its targeted marketing efforts, just like it does with search.