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Fleetwood Mac Announce Tour Dates After months of increasing speculation, Fleetwood Mac have confirmed the dates, cities and venues for a nine-week tour beginning in April of In a new interview, the legendary singer and songwriter shares her fond and not-so-fond memories of the past, and says she has no problem with her former bandm…. In a new interview, she admitted that the band has been known to phone it in, but they have a renewed sense of purpose to….

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Re-releasing "Rumors" makes 35 years since Fleetwood Mac released 'Rumours,' and the band plans to celebrate by re-releasing the album as part of box sets that comes loaded with unreleased live tracks and session recordings. Due to the spliced nature of the record the drums and guitar were the only instruments actually recorded in each other's company and its sporadic composition and assembly from different rejected songs, "The Chain" is one of only a few Fleetwood Mac songs whose authorship is credited to all members of the band at the time.

The song shows influences of hard rock , folk , and country , using a dobro to play the guitar riff. Rumours garnered widespread critical acclaim upon its release.


Subsequent analysis of "The Chain" has also led many to cite it as one of the most evocative expressions of the internal fracture between various band members at the time. Buckingham and Nicks were ending their relationship at the same time that John and Christine McVie's marriage broke down, as did that of Fleetwood and his wife Jenny Boyd. On 20 March , "The Chain" peaked higher at 81 in the UK chart following a campaign on Facebook to try to get the song to number 1 for the start of the Formula One season. Template:Infobox single The song was recorded by the American rock band Tantric , released as the second single off their second album After We Go.

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Though being released as a single the song lacked much promotion, debuting at number 36 on the US Mainstream Rock charts. There have been numerous covers of "The Chain". Canadian heavy metal band Kick Axe performed a cover of "The Chain" on Rock the World , their third studio album, released in Last night, the Mac held the stage at the Prudential Center for nearly two and a half hours. McVie wasn't present for the concert, which is nothing new: She hasn't been performing with the group in more than a decade.

Mick Fleetwood mentioned in an interview that the door is always open, and he'd love it if she'd walk through.

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Some fans have high hopes for the upcoming London gig; in Newark on Wednesday, she didn't walk through. I love Lindsey Buckingham. He's something of an onstage megalomaniac, and he'll solo all night and day if you let him, but he's endearing, he's a magnetic frontman and a dexterous guitarist, and his restlessness and taste for experimentation was put to good use by the rest of the group.

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I love Stevie Nicks , too; her songs are smart, tough, and intoxicating, and get her going in an extended outro and she's likely to guide you to places that few singers ever visit. John McVie and Mick Fleetwood are the rare rhythm players with indelible personalities; push play on a Fleetwood Mac recording and within seconds, you'll know it's them. There are days on which I am convinced that there has never been a greater British-born rock group than Fleetwood Mac -- not the Beatles, not the Kinks, not Led Zeppelin, not the Attractions, nor any of the other boys', boys', boys' bands who never seemed to want to let the girls get a word in.

She provided the serenity that made Buckingham's frenetic approach palatable, the earthiness that kept Nicks grounded, and the trancelike electric piano parts that added mystic resonance to the thump and throb of the rhythm section.