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However i cant see a way of change the default number for my devices — only turning them off.

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Is Bluetooth insecure to accomplish this? Because I use a Bluetooth Headset I have had to turn off all possible phone functions on my Macbook Pro, because it constantly tries to grab calls when I am already talking on my iPhone; while I am speaking.

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So, Facetime is turned OFF — on both devices. Handoff is OFF — on both devices. But the Macbook is still trying to grab calls while I am speaking. But they tell me they have many people with the problem.

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You dial the number in FaceTime by entering what? The suspense is killing me Gary, I need to know how to dial numbers from my Mac! This is a fantastic feature, but we live very remote and depend on getting Internet via iPhone connecting my Mac via hotspot. Unfortunately, this feature does not work with hotspot despite iPhone and Mac and iPad all connected together with hotspot, just not thru a wifi router.

I get nothing. The little phone shows up in my contacts but hitting it does nothing…. I cannot get this to work on my iMac. The lack of a number pad makes using this feature useless if I want to make a phone call to someone who is not in my contacts. I want to my imac for computing, and my phone for making calls. Does your imac not do computing? Does your phone not make calls?

Talk about first-world problems…. I can receive calls and make calls using my Mac, but my audio cannot be heard by the other party. Any idea what I am doing wrong? FYI: for those of us with weak cell reception at home and using WiFi calling, this feature is not available.

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Sure, skype is working by a mch different protocoll, nevertheless, call by headphones directly from iphone is way much better than by continuity, am i missing something? Great feature but the MAC microphone is awful.

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Any solution for that? Any good external mic that works with mac? One of the best simple external microphones that almost all Mac users already has is the iPhone earbuds headset, they also come with iPad and iPod touch. They work very well for a microphone and headset for phone calls, listening to music, VOIP, etc. Currently, OS X does not have a built-in dialing pad with numbers for making calls to new numbers. Just type a new number in the search field in FaceTime and you can call that number with your iPhone.

You can also click on any number in a website or browser. I created a Favorites list in Notes and click away. Works on iPad too.

You can download a third party app called Keypad formerly continuity keypad Was free in beta, now. Skype has it, so I use Skype mostly still. Name required.

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How to Make Phone Calls from Mac Using iPhone

Either way, it's easy to get up and running and talking on your Mac. And both devices will need to be connected to the same network. A Bluetooth connection is not needed. After setting it up to share calls between your iPhone and Mac, you'll see a notification in the top right corner of your desktop when you receive a phone call.

Click the Accept button to answer the call. When you go to place a call from your Mac, you might suddenly realize that there is no such thing as a Mac Phone app.

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Instead, you'll need to use the Contacts or FaceTime apps. From the Contacts app, select a contact and click the call button. From the FaceTime app, you can do the same thing by clicking the telephone icon to make a voice call instead of the video-camera icon to make a FaceTime call. Also from the FaceTime app, you can simply enter a phone number in the search box and then click the telephone icon to place a call, which you can't do from the Contacts app.

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You can also dial a phone number directly from Safari on your Mac if, say, you're looking up the number for a restaurant. How to buy a laptop in : The basic background info you need to add context to those reviews.