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If I wanted something portable it would be a more difficult decision: MacBook or some high-end Windows lappy. I used to have a touch screen and I liked that, or maybe one of those laptops where the screen flips right over would be cool. None of those other laptops look as good as a Mac though. And one last suggestion, to those that write code that thousands or millions of other users will use: I highly recommend using both.

Oh and one last piece of advice: be nice to each other folks. Oh shit I complexly forgot about Linux. Futurism Startups About Podcast Community. David Gilbertson david.

Built for compatibility.

Window management In this shootout, Windows earns its name and does it better. Updating Both of these operating systems have moderately annoying system update quirks. Except the clocks are in a different place. What an anti-climax! Continue the discussion. David Gilbertson. David Gilbertson May Alex Wang Mar My workspace.

Alexander Buzin Feb Jonny Asmar Dec After years of neglect, the MacBook Air was updated in with a refined look, improved specs, and a high-resolution display. If you opt for the touch model, you'll get a screen that Apple's inch models can't match, along with a new processor and a solid keyboard, all in an ultra-slim package that still manages to offer 3 USB-C ports. The XPS 13 recently saw a minor redesign that moved the much-maligned "nose cam" from the bottom of the screen up to the top, where it should have been all along.

Asus ZenBook Pro The inch MacBook Pro has the biggest screen, fastest graphics, and hottest processor of Apple's laptop lineup. Plus, you get Apple's Touch Bar, which is of dubious value but is a nice bonus. It even carries the same powerful Intel Core i9 processor. The rest of the specs match up well, including the touchscreen touchpad—which is about as gimmicky as the Touch Bar, though reportedly more useful.

Time for the Mac halo to return

Where the Asus struggles is battery life. Great power requires great batteries, and in this showdown, Apple wins. Razer's flagship Blade laptop is another contender for MacBook Pro replacement. With a six-core Intel processor and Nvidia series graphics as the standard configuration, it's positioned to make the mightiest Mac notebook look downright antique. Intel NUC. If you love tiny yet powerful mini computers, try the Intel NUC.

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These computers are mini-er than Apple's Mini and feature newer seventh- and eighth-generation chips that run rings around the li'lest Mac. You can buy them either as complete models running Windows 10 or as bare-bones kits where you add your own RAM, storage, and OS of choice. And, whereas Apple charges you beaucoup bucks for a three-year AppleCare warranty, you'll get that standard with each NUC.

At just 5 inches square, it's tiny enough to mount out of sight and still powerful enough to support up to three 4K monitors. The Asus features the seventh-generation Intel i7 chip, room for an M2 drive and a traditional 2. To hit this price point, Asus sells it bare-bones. I'll be the first to admit that the iMac is a super-nice desktop computer. Windows also gets universal and updated drivers, some provided by Microsoft and some developed by the hardware manufacturers themselves, at a much more frequent rate than alternatives.

The bottom line is that if you want to use it, then Windows 10 is your best best. With Windows 10, Microsoft committed to more timely updates. And it has executed. In fact, those who want to access the cutting-edge — or the bleeding edge — can join the free Insider program, which puts out new updates almost every week. Insiders get access to fixes, tweaks, and major new features — and they do add up over time. Not only do Insiders get immediate access to the latest capabilities, but they also help shape the OS by providing ongoing feedback to Microsoft.

In one of the more recent official updates, for example Windows 10 Fall Creators update , Microsoft added a host of new features and revamped the user interface. Generally speaking, Microsoft has committed to a biannual update schedule that provides a major new version each April and October or thereabouts, and that means Windows 10 never grows stale.

Will be the year of the Mac? | Computerworld

Over time, this rapid update policy has given Windows 10 an edge over MacOS, which updates every year but usually with just one or two significant new features. The rapid Windows 10 update cycle does mean getting used to new features and being exposed to possible bugs on a more frequent basis, but so far Windows users seem to favor the tradeoff. Production quality can vary wildly, even within hardware from the same manufacturer.

That makes choosing a new Windows 10 PC a challenge on occasion.


Windows includes a numerous Microsoft tools and safeguards to prevent and clean viruses and other threats, and third-party tools are also available. The wide variety of Windows hardware can cause problems as well. For that reason, Windows is more difficult to administer for the typical user, although the Windows update infrastructure built into Windows 10 does make things easier than they were in the old days of scouring the web looking for updates. Windows is in a must better position than it was just a few years ago. The newest version, Windows 10, is more elegant and easier to understand than past editions, and it receives frequent updates.

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The problem of complexity does remain. You will likely encounter more bugs with Windows than with its competition. Share on Facebook Tweet this Share. Works with everything Windows also boasts compatibility with the most extensive array of hardware. Is Windows for you? Read our full review of Windows Computing Windows 10 has two critical vulnerabilities; update now to avoid infection Microsoft recently alerted users that it patched two critical remote code execution RCE "wormable" vulnerabilities, which could have allowed hackers to spread malware to PCs.

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If you haven't updated Windows 10 yet, get on it. Posted 1 day ago — By Arif Bacchus.

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If you need a powerful, portable device that can handle any task you throw at it, both the MacBook Pro and iPad Pro fit the bill. But which one is best?

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