Iphone not recognized on itunes mac

1. Reasons Why Mac Not Recognizing iPhone

Or debris, dirt may cause this. In fact I had this problem, and it went away when I cleaned the charging port. You may want to clean any debris or dirt from the charging port too. One last thing possibly happening is that your USB port on your computer is not working properly.

What to do When iTunes Won’t Detect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Try using a different USB port. See also: iTunes Error If iTunes is crashing, see this article. Read this document to do this. Here at this post, we are going to dig out the reasons why your iPhone or iPad doesn't show in iTunes and offers relevant solutions.

Flexible management options, ID3 music tages fix, iTunes library rebuilt, and more. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of iTunes. If you are a Mac users, click "iTunes" and press "Check for Updates".

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Look into whether some third-party security software are blocking USB port access. If so, go to settings to get support in that software. Just in case, you forgot to trust your computer, unplug your device, wait for some time and connect it again.

If you are not getting the option to trust the computer, reset location and privacy on your iOS device. Step 5. Now, re-download iTunes.

What to do when your device isn’t recognized

Make sure to back it up before going ahead with the restoration process. Hopefully, these solutions help you in fixing the problem.

Uninstalling iTunes if it’s not recognizing your iPhone, iPod or iPad

At times, it would be resolved just by restarting the iPhone and computer. If nothing has worked for you, it would be better to contact Apple for help.

What to do When iTunes Won’t Detect an iPhone, iPad, or iPod

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