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The center panel lets you switch between a Table view, with its sortable columns of data about your fonts, and a List view, which shows fonts in their native typefaces with metadata about each font.

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The Status field at the top displays my last operation, which was to delete a Smart Set. The right panel displays all the information that can be known about a selected font or font Set. The dropdown menu at bottom left conveniently lets you choose a subset of the font to view. Buttons across the top let you control the view options, activate and deactivate fonts, and share and synchronize font Sets with other users.

A Status field at the top displays the most recent action you performed, such as importing or activating fonts. Or perhaps you want to wrangle up every font with Futura in its name. A Smart Set can collect all your fonts with these attributes, and will update automatically when new fonts are added to your collection. Also, FontAgent 7 lets you tag any Set as a startup set, instead of letting you assign one Set for the fonts you always want to activate when your Mac starts up.

Top 10 Programming Fonts

The subscription-only Sync version of FontAgent 7 lets you share any set with your other Macs or other members of your workgroup. These plugins add a small bit of code to each document you open and save in these apps that lets FontAgent identify the exact fonts used in the document. When you re-open these documents, FontAgent can automatically activate those fonts. Using 37 criteria to identify the font, it ranks the relevancy of each possible match to help you choose the correct font including font foundry, format and version.

FontAgent 7 includes more than 1, free Google fonts, any of which you can choose to install. Using a font manager can be confusing and complex.

It can be set to automatically run whenever you log out, shut down or restart, or every day, week or month. Jonny is a freelance writer who has been writing mainly about Apple and technology since Here are the latest Insider stories.

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FontAgent 7 and FontAgent Sync review: All-new interface and font syncing across users and Macs

Review: Apple's iWork for iCloud is elegant but limited. Fun with fonts You see, most OS X apps rely on Apple's own font management system for the characters you get to use in your documents. Hey Presto Look closely at the top of the window underneath the word "Font" -- you should see a small dot situated just above the character options. FontBook FontBook lets you explore all the fonts you have installed on your Mac, including non-English fonts.