Mac force quit key sequence

In any case, this came from a number of smart people, but Marc Pawliger started the list and Tim Hume collected the various responses. I just turned it into a web-page. Also, thanks to all the other folks too numerous to name who sent in additions after the page initially appeared.

Force Quit a Mac App Instantly with One Keyboard Shortcut

Anyway, enjoy. Here are the ones I know about:. That copyright below here is part of my website boilerplate. Last updated on Mon, 27 December This actually forces the system to NOT load the driver for the default volume, which has the side effect mentioned above. Not sure about IDE drives.

1) Use a Keyboard Shortcut for “Force Quit Applications” on Mac

Hold down until second chime. Similar to reset-all in Open Firmware. If set to boot to X and no CD is present, may boot to 9.

Also disables non-essential kernel extensions safe boot mode cmd Classic only Boot with Virtual Memory off cmd-v OS X only show console messages verbose mose during boot. Back to Contents. At login window Key Combination Effect shift Do not open Finder windows when launching Finder. In Finder opt-click close box or cmd-opt-w Close all open finder windows except popup windows cmd-shift-opt-w Close all open finder windows including popup windows cmd-right arrow Open folder in list view cmd-opt-right arrow Recursively open folder and nested folders in list view cmd-left arrow Close folder in list view cmd-opt-left arrow Recursively close folder and nested folders in list view cmd-up arrow Open parent folder.

On Mac OS X, when nothing is selected and no windows are open, open User directory cmd-opt-up arrow Open parent folder, closing current folder cmd-opt-shift-up arrow Make desktop the active window, select parent volume cmd-down arrow Open selected item. On Macs with three floppy drives Mac SE they eject the third floppy disk.

Keyboard shortcut to kill an unresponsive App on Mac OS X - Ask Different

If I understand the difference that the shift key is supposed to make here, you should be able to add shift to the good 'ol Force Quit key combination to achieve an immediate Force Quit of the frontmost app. In fact, it even displays that key combination in the Apple Menu next to the modified "Force Quit" entry. In my testing, it didn't work. That means that I'll have to agree with Rob in saying that for the real-world, this hint is practically useless.

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Am I a better person for knowing that holding the shift key changes the Force Quit behavior of the Apple Menu? I'll let you know the next time I have an app hang, but if I were you I wouldn't hold my breath. What I find odd is that Apple chose the Shift key to modify this menu item.

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I found it necessary to hold down shift-option-command-esc for about 2 seconds for the shortcut key sequence to quit the frontmost app. Well done!

I wasn't patient enough. This is now somewhat useful. It's a heck of a lot easier to get a lagging app out of the way without the Force Quit pseudo-dialog. Lost your password?

How to Force Quit Mac Apps: 6 Different Ways

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